Just for You! 
​ by Esther Walla


Uniquely Designed Jewelry

I am an artist based in Everett, Washington, specializing in unique pieces of wire-wrapped jewelry. I have always enjoyed jewelry.   As a child growing up in Africa, I didn't get much of a chance to own or wear it.  It just wasn't important in my family and, well, with four kids in the family, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for little girls just weren't factored into the family budget.   I actually did manage to build up a small hoard of trinkets, often well-worn, sometimes a little broken, the "gifts" from friends who didn't want the things anymore.  That was then!  

Today, I love to wear beautiful jewelry and to find pieces that reflect who I am and to enhance what I'm wearing. While I enjoy wearing jewelry, it didn't occur to me that I could design and create it myself!  I was too busy focusing on a teaching and then an administrative role in the educational field where creativity consisted of writing manuals and designing successful school programs.  I enjoyed doing those things because I love to plan and organize and develop new or better systems.  While on sabbatical, I found I missed two things very much: being surrounded by people and using my creativity.  One day, on impulse, I bought some beads, wire and jewelry tools at the store and began to design and make jewelry. I sold several pieces at a garage sale.  Friends who saw my work loved it, too, buying their favorite designs on the spot.  They told me I had to make my work available to others.  

I now sell my jewelry at shows, festivals, bazaars and markets.  I use semi-precious stones, polished into smooth, organic shapes, glass swirled through with color, luminous pearls, elegant beads and silver to create my pieces.  As I work, I try to think of people I have met and will meet.  As a result, the pendants and earrings I create almost design themselves around personalities.  Some pieces seem to flow together in a harmony of color and shape, while others make a bold statement, bright, unusual and daring.  Often, after a few moments of conversation with someone, I can tell which of my jewelry was made for this person.  I'm quite often right; it's as though I was thinking of that person when I was making the piece! I love that moment when someone finds exactly what they were looking for! Thus each pendant is " uniquely designed just for you".

I am constantly coming up with new ideas for pendants and earrings.  When people visit my booth, I enjoy working with them to find the right piece, even altering an existing pendant or set of earrings or developing a new piece entirely with input from my customer.  Together we come up with something that is just exactly right.  I love what I do! 

I invite you to browse my collection and find something that was designed just for you!  

​Esther Walla