This beautiful "Gemstone of the Caribbean", - the blue variety of the mineral pectolite if found ONLY in one remote mine on the Island of the Dominican Republic.  It was discovered by a Peace Core volunteer in 1974. The names was originated by Miguel Mendeez, the first  commercial supplier, who named the gem after his daughter Larissa.  Mar is the Spanish word for SEA.  The stone color and the variations in the texture reminded him how the ocean and the clouds come together.  The more blue the stone, the more value there is to the piece.

Every year I travel to the Caribbean and purchase jewelry from a variety of artists.  I recently returned from my trip and have wonderful pieces in stock!  Hurry, the selection is limited and the value of my pieces are very good!  

HURRY - The pieces of larimar are getting more in the green tones and the pieces coming out of the mine are not as good as in the previous years I have travelled and purchased jewelry.