The Meaning Of The Wire Wrap Design On The Cross
The wire wrap on top of the cross represents the Crown of Thorns, which is a symbol for the suffering and pain that Jesus went through just for us when He went to the cross and willingly died for us.   The pearl captured in the cross signifies the irritation and pain an oyster endures when sand gets into its shell.  Over time, the oyster coats the grit in many layers until the grain of sand is no longer a pain-causing defect but a thing of great beauty.  In the same way, the painful result of our sin, when given up to God and covered with layers of his love, is transformed.       The pearl that is wound in the wire symbolizes the outcome of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  He bore our sins on the cross and set us free from the bondage of sin. When we surrender ourselves to Him, we are recreated into something beautiful.  We still have ripples and may not be perfectly symmetrical, but we are perfect in God’s sight.  Our flaws are reminders of God’s grace and mercy towards us and of His continuing commitment to helping us grow more like Jesus. The wire at the bottom of the cross reminds us that we are wrapped in God’s forgiveness and love.  He will never let us go or forsake us!John 3:16